A look back at 2022 social: the video content takeover


A look back at 2022 social: the video content takeover

Social media is an ever-changing world and with the rise of video-based platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook videos and YouTube shorts, video is now a leading marketing strategy that can be used by anyone from global brands, influencers, and small online businesses.

Not only does video content help to narrate the story of a brand or product and give consumers an in-depth look at a business, but it’s also rapidly taking over in terms of search engine optimisation and algorithms, replacing the traditional static images on feeds.

According to Hubspot Blogs research, 66% of consumers have watched video content (i.e., product demos, reviews, FAQs, unboxings, etc.) to learn about a brand or product. With that being said, video is becoming a leading strategy online so here are our top reasons why you should be including video content on your social media.

  1. Engaging with trending topics

The rise of TikTok has brought some unique concepts to social media where topics or sounds trend depending on what’s happening in the world of social media. A sound is a clip of music that people use as backing track on TikTok videos and whilst they help to make content more creative, they are also an effective marketing tool.

Video allows you to take advantage of trending news stories or consumer behaviour and you can create a mini campaign about a trending subject that aligns with your business. For example, a sound about the classic cocktail, the Negroni, went viral on TikTok recently. This saw an instant influx of reactive marketing from brands, including the restaurants Australasia, Grand Pacific, and Blackhouse, who maximised on the viral Negroni sound by creating a social GIF which featured a selection of their own Negroni cocktails.

The key to a successful video is also based upon using relevant hashtags for each platform you share the content on, so make sure to include any trending words to maximise reach.

  1. Unique messaging

Traditional static image posts only allow users to talk about one subject at a time, whereas video lets users narrate a story and become more interactive with their audience. If you own a hotel or restaurant, you can use video to show people around and give them an immersive tour of the location, rooms, and food. Your video should also leave viewers wanting more, so it’s important to always use a call to action to encourage bookings or traffic to your website.

  1. Increasing exposure

The Instagram and Facebook algorithms are always changing and updating, with video content currently taking priority over regular feed posts. Videos can grab a user’s attention span for longer, so the algorithm will therefore boost video posts to keep users on the platform. As a brand or business, you want to stay relevant on people’s feeds and ensure your posts are being seen so introducing video content can increase your exposure to new users.

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