Food, Drink & Hospitality

We have years of experience in the hospitality sector; from shouting about the independents doing things differently to promoting multi-site venues for some of the biggest players in the industry.

We work closely with your senior team to ensure we know the business inside out, developing narratives that will strike a chord with journalists, influencers, and the public, creating a strategic plan with measurable goals.

What’s The Process? 


By identifying the most interesting hooks, we create stories that will get attention from the right people. From years of building relationships, we have trusted contacts, and we know their likes and dislikes. We go out of our way to ensure maximum exposure; whether it’s consumer regional press or specific business and trade publications.


We seek out ways to get hospitality businesses, and those that run them, noticed. Through building media profiles and securing interesting opportunities, such as Q&A’s, reviews and podcasts, we’re creating interesting content that’s getting seen (or heard) by the right people.


At LUYA, we feel creating exciting campaigns are key to causing a stir and we’re no stranger to impactful PR campaigns that get hospitality businesses noticed.


Recent Hospitality Case Studies

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