First impressions count and ensuring your brand is represented in the best possible way is something we do best. Crafting a unique visual identity for your business instantly sets the tone for every interaction you have with your customers.


At LUYA, we offer a variety of creative services and expert advice. Offering in-depth design consultations, we’ll help you create impactful design assets for your business that stand you out and connect you with your audience.

Leave it to the pros


With the easy availability of photoshop and Adobe packages, everyone fancies themselves as a bit of a designer, but in the way that everyone thinks they can make a good cocktail… Whether you can or you can’t, some things are best left to the professionals. Our designers and extensive database of web developers and coders means that whatever your design requirements, we can get the job done well.

In-house benefits


An in-house design team means that many jobs can be turned around quickly and effectively from; adverts, eShots, newsletters and leaflets to banners, menus, POS, GIFs and social media posts.

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