Social Media

From Linkedin to Instagram, updating your audience with tailored, relevant content is now more important than ever.

Social Media Management


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn… keeping all of these platforms up to date on a daily or even weekly basis can not only be time consuming but filling them all with interesting and topical content can be a thankless task. With a client base that means we reach over 1 million people a week, we know our way around this and understand what works. From daily management to content creation, we manage and monitor the social media content for the majority of our clients, giving a full analysis of the month’s activities with what’s worked, what people are talking about and how you can get the most out of the social media channels that you are on.

Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is a blanket term for a collaboration between a brand with another brand, blogger, vlogger, journalist, industry expert or celebrity. Basically, the practice of marketing products and services by partnering with individuals who have influence. Influencer marketing is on the rise and there is a good reason why. By partnering with influencers, you can directly access that influencer’s engaged community through their trusted voice and honest testimonial.


From Love Island stars to University Professors, we know how to form a meaningful collaboration that will speak to your target audience.

Luya Designs

Social Media Graphics


With attention spans dwindling, it’s all about the visual. Our in-house design team are experts in creating exciting social graphics that engage the audience before they get distracted. They know what works, what doesn’t and they’re constantly exploring new ways for your brand to get noticed on social feeds.


From Love Island stars to University Professors, we know how to form a meaningful collaboration that will speak to your target audience.


PR and Media Relations+

We are experts in achieving media coverage both online and in print. We engineer stories to ensure your business is featured in the press and on key websites. Stories that deliver real results to your bottom line.


Website Design +

You can no longer afford to have a mediocre website. People want instant access and they want it now. If your website is slow, uninviting and impossible to obtain decent information, then you will lose any traffic within a millisecond… yes that’s right, not even a second. We create custom responsive websites from design to build.


Digital +

Digital Communication is integral to any marketing strategy, regardless of what industry you are in. At LUYA, we specialise in creating expertly curated digital content, from e-shots to ads, ensuring your target audience is engaged.


Events +

To show new products or services to journalists and customers face to face is a powerful thing. But, in this day and age, it doesn’t mean all in the same room. As well as traditional events, we create online events that demand attendance with key stakeholders and customers, which bring your brand to life in innovative and creative ways, all planned to perfection.


Photography +

Exceptional imagery helps to bolster your brand, your marketing collateral and your social media content. It helps to instantly capture the attention of the media, your fans and followers, and keeps eyes on your website.


Design +

First impressions count and we ensure your brand makes an impact. Our design works across channels to create a succinct approach to tell your brand story. We design and create beautiful, functional websites, branding , e-marketing designs, such as newsletters and e-shots, plus, eye-catching social media graphics to make you stand out from the crowd.


Social Media Management +

From Linkedin to Instagram, updating your audience with tailored, relevant content has never been more important. From bespoke graphics to video and animation, we manage your channels with the right content to drive likes, shares and followers. In addition, we also run targeted paid social advertising campaigns to hit your business objectives.


Videography +

Video content is vital for all channels whether it is on site or on social media. Consumers search by video and expect to watch engaging content by brands. We produce video across scale, whether that be an informative interview with an MD, small snappy shorts for social media, or a demonstation video for a product launch. We ensure your brand is conveyed in the best possible way and get your message across effectivley.


Culture Creation +

A great employee experience is no longer a nice to have but a necessity. Ultimately, invest in and value your employees and they will do the same for your customers. That’s what drives results. We offer strategic planning to transform culture and drive change.


Copywriting +

Does your website need a re-write? Newsletter copy a refresh? Or need a longform article written for your site? We are experts in all things ‘copy’ ensuring it is SEO friendly to help aid your search objectives.

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