The Power of the PR Stunt

PR stunt

The Power of the PR Stunt

At LUYA, there’s nothing we love more than getting free reign to think of quirky ideas to help our clients noticed. A PR stunt can be a great way to raise brand awareness, generate press coverage and increase social following and engagement. With the continued rise of video content, viral social media and in particular TikTok, PR stunts can be a powerful tool to help give campaigns a boost.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites from the year so far…


Maybe it’s Maybelline

Back in July, Maybelline took over London with giant mascara wands suspended from billboards to advertise its new ‘Sky High’ mascara. The wands were dotted around central locations like Tube stations and traffic crossings, with large fake eyelashes placed on tubes and buses.

After going viral on TikTok, all was not as it seemed, as the video was actually created by AI and not a real life installation. Despite this, the campaign generated a lot of noise on social and plenty of headlines including features in the Metro and Evening Standard.


Bags ‘sur roues’ (on wheels!)

In a similar digital campaign, designer Jacquemus sent the fashion crowd wild with a marketing stunt that saw giant bags seemingly driving through the streets of Paris.

However, again the stunt was a trick of the eye and was all part of a campaign to promote the brand’s immersive pop-up at Galeries Lafayett during Paris Fashion Week. But that didn’t stop coverage in The Independent and a huge response on social media.

PR stunt bags

Credit: Jacquemus


Making the most of the ‘lime’light

DASH – the sparkling water drinks brand made with wonky fruit, went viral earlier by jumping on the back of media attention surrounding Prince Harry’s phone hacking trail at the High Court.

DASH advertised its new lime flavour drink by handing out free samples to crowds waiting outside the court, holding giant signs that read: ‘Harry doesn’t want the limelight, but we do.’

The quick-thinking campaign generated 1.8million views on TikTok and made it onto BBC News.

PR stunt dash

Credit: DASH

A 2023 ‘rocket man’

Glastonbury festival goers got a treat when Domino’s trialled a jet suit pizza delivery service to coincide with the original rocket man – Elton John – headlining the festival.

The pizza chain partnered with jet suit giant Gravity Industries to make the first ever pizza delivery by jetpack a reality. Stunned onlookers at Glastonbury watched as the pilot turned pizza delivery person provided pizzas before taking off into the distance across the fields of Somerset.

The stunt went viral across the world and demonstrated how a funny and out of the box brand partnership can help generate masses of press coverage and social media engagement.

PR stunt dominoes

Credit: Domino’s


The verdict?

With brands constantly competing for the best ad campaigns, influencer collaborations and social media content, a stand-out PR stunt can really help you get noticed by surprising consumers and making them laugh with a stunt they’re sure to remember.

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