The rise of slow living in a technological world

slow living

The rise of slow living in a technological world

In a fast-paced, digital world, many are turning away from technology to embrace slow living by living in the present and appreciating the world around them.

What is slow living?

The slow living movement promotes finding balance and meaning in everyday experiences, as well as making time for self-care. It encourages people to be aware of what they value most in life by bringing them back to the basic aspects of existence.

The movement rejects the ‘toxic productivity’ trend popularised by social media influencers that boasts that anyone can achieve their goals, whilst failing to recognise their privileged position. Instead, slow living introduces consciousness of your personal, individual experience and encourages intuitively noticing what is best for your own wellbeing.

However, slow living does not mean deleting all of your social media accounts. Gratitude can be practiced within our digital society and whilst it’s easier said than done, technology doesn’t have to be rejected to appreciate the world around you. By maintaining a focus on individual wellbeing without judgement and taking responsibility for your internet presence, you can practice the principles of slow living without throwing out your phone.

Outdoor escapism

A perfect way to take a break is to physically move away from technology by doing other activities. We’ve all experienced doom-scrolling when we haven’t got anything else to do, but by planning activities that you enjoy and can get engrossed in, you can forget you even have a phone.

Many businesses are embracing this desire for outdoor escapism by offering weekend escapes from city life, such as Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire and Wilderness Reserve in Suffolk.

The North’s solution comes in the form of an intimate retreat to North Wales. Our client, The Good Life Society, host holidays and experiences in the great outdoors that are guaranteed to refocus your mind on the present. Their new venture coined Summer Camp is a series of micro festivals with a focus on wellness and recharging in nature.

Summer Camp, North Wales

Hidden in the private grounds of Hawarden Estate in North East Wales, Summer Camp features a multitude of activities from inspiring talks to workshops, all hosted by experts in nature and outdoor craft. The small and intimate evening activities include dinners cooked by a team of professional chefs and light entertainment around a campfire.

Spending time in the outdoors is a proven method of relaxation and wellbeing. Summer Camp encourages people to embrace their inner child, to spend time outdoors, put their phones away and make new friends – making it the ideal slow living escape.

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