‘Dupes’ and ‘Deinfluencing’: Shifting Consumer Trends Amongst Rising Inflation


‘Dupes’ and ‘Deinfluencing’: Shifting Consumer Trends Amongst Rising Inflation

Forever inspired by Gen Z’s viral TikTok trends, influencers are always changing up the various terminology that sits alongside social media.

More recently however, responses to the current cost-of-living crisis and the continuous rise in inflation has seen new terms come to fruition as the idea of budgeting becomes more important than ever.

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Defined as being deceived or tricked, the term ‘dupe’ surrounds the art of deception when it comes to consumer products. Essentially, this is a cheaper alternative to a product which does exactly the same thing.

Whether that be the perfect drugstore blush to replace the more expensive and viral Dior Backstage Rosy Glow or a designer handbag replica sitting on the shelves of Primark. Even down to suspiciously similar supermarket items (we aren’t naming names!) which offer better value for money.

Whilst this concept is not something new to the retail or beauty industry, the notion of finding better value for money within high-end items is rising considerably. Affordability is more important than ever when it comes to consumer goods and so the notion of quality over quantity comes into play. Prompting buyers to ask the question, if it does the same thing, why would I pay more for it?


Likewise, Business of Fashion recently reported just how much power influencers have on purchasing decisions. Referring to the term ‘deinfluencing’, this viral TikTok trend involves influencers sharing their opinions on products they didn’t like or thought weren’t worth the money, before suggesting alternatives. Again, this highlights the importance behind consumer decisions within the current climate.

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Social media creators are now finding ways to resonate with their followers by personalising and humanising their content. It’s a soft-sell approach that takes in consideration of how important every purchasing decision for audiences is amidst rising inflation. The creator is being helpful to the consumer by pointing them in the right direction of cheaper solutions and gaining huge traction as a result.

Overall, it certainly looks like the ‘dupe’ outweighs the original within the TikTok-sphere.

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