Why businesses that buy into ‘local’ get stronger, regional traction faster and where it matters most…


Why businesses that buy into ‘local’ get stronger, regional traction faster and where it matters most…

For businesses to truly stand the test of time they need to change and adapt. One way in which they can do this is by tailoring marketing strategies to compliment different locations. Establishing a connection with a place can anchor a business as part of the community, whilst engaging with consumers in a more personal way.


McDonalds is the perfect example of a business that is easily recognisable anywhere in the world that makes decisive changes in different locations to appeal to locals. Stocking the standardised menu items alongside local specialties such as ‘Patatas Deluxe’ in Spain, the ‘Dosa Masala Burger’ in India and the ‘McKroket’ in The Netherlands’, they show an understanding of local consumers’ tastes and preferences.

businesses McDonalds


When targeting young Londoner’s in their “Nothing Beats a Londoner” campaign, Nike profiled various young people from the city, in a variety of iconic locations, practicing different sports in branded clothing. Due to the number of different London boroughs and the strong identity they carry, every Londoner recognises themselves in the campaign.

Whilst we’ve seen global businesses tackling issues from country to country, these strategies can also be implemented on a more regional scale. Linking up with local community centres and charities make customers aware that a business is committed to supporting the community and have interests beyond just sales.

Hosting local micro-influencers for events or reviews further cements a business’s connection to consumers. Seeing people from your area enjoying a product or service makes it far more relatable and within reach, as opposed to a high-end celebrity which may alienate them.

The Queens Hotel, Leeds

At LUYA we encourage our clients to interact with their localities and have found this to be an essential technique when engaging consumers. Through teaming with local artisans and influencers we have propelled businesses to grow and forge a stronger sense of place within their region. In turn, having a strong regional presence with local links attracts wider spread press coverage and national interest.

When working with The Queens Hotel, Leeds, LUYA proposed a collaboration with a local artist to be displayed in window cabinets facing onto the concourse of Leeds train station. Chosen from a selection of applicants from Leeds Art University, Ekaterina Sheath, a locally based illustrator, transformed the display giving passers by a glimpse into the iconic hotel’s past and present. The illustrations not only cement The Queens Hotel as a historic landmark but create a deeper connection to the city in which it is based. Working with Ekaterina allowed The Queens Hotel to tap into her following creating engagement with a new audience that may previously have been out of reach.

Ekaterina comments “This was a great opportunity to use contemporary illustration as a tool to encourage public engagement with local heritage, whilst further contributing to the public art scene in Leeds.”

Making a true connection with an area adds value to a business and forges longer lasting relationships with consumers. Having a successful formula that works and can be replicated is important for growth but being able to adapt is essential.

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