Influencers: why does your brand need them?


Influencers: why does your brand need them?

In the age of Instagram reels, Tik Tok lives and ever-present messages of branded content, social media has allowed for the role of an influencer to become a full-time job, but what does this mean for your brand?

Social influence

The job name speaks for itself, it’s all about influence. If someone has an engaged and noteworthy following on social media, they just might be the right person to promote your brand. From lifestyle and foodie accounts to gaming and sports, there is an influencer out there for every industry nowadays, specialising in every type of interest.

This is why so many brands have started to look into working with influencers; it is now considered the most cost-effective way for brands to promote themselves to the right audience.

Make it personal

Influencers are a great way for your brand to engage with an audience on a more personal level through gifting products for them to review or promote. A soft-sell approach with the right Instagram influencers can be just as beneficial as an ad campaign. It often adds a more

open and honest approach to marketing and can completely change how a consumer values your brand.

Multi-channel opportunities

Influencers are particularly present on Instagram, but it doesn’t stop there! Whether it’s a personal blog, a viral podcast or a YouTube vlog, there are multiple platforms to engage with influencers and create impactful campaigns.


Planning an event? Influencers are an integral part of spreading the word through pre-promotion and documented appearances or experiences. Gone are the days where celebrities were considered the only ‘VIP’s’; having a notable influencer attend your event is just as impressive!


Influencer marketing isn’t just for big businesses, it can be useful for smaller brands as a valuable tool to increase exposure. Micro-influencers are accounts with smaller followings but are just as valuable and quite often more likely to agree to free opportunities. Reach out to the right people and you’ll be growing your brand in no time.

Management is key

We’re more than aware it’s not all rainbows and unicorns when working with influencers (you’ll be familiar with the horror stories), which is why management is key. Working with influencers on a specific campaign and developing detailed and achievable deliverables is where you’ll see the true benefits.

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