The Impact of Social Media on the Restaurant Scene

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The Impact of Social Media on the Restaurant Scene

We’ve all heard the term ‘eating with your eyes’ – which still very much reigns true – but with the rise of TikTok and Instagram food accounts, we’re now often experiencing our very first ‘taste’ of new restaurants within the digital sphere…

Think back to the last time you spent one too many hours mindlessly scrolling a social feed; how many restaurants did you stumble upon? How many food-based content creators influenced you to book a table at the next hottest spot? And how many posts made you feel genuinely hungry?

Granted we’re massive food lovers here at LUYA HQ (and much of our digital life is pervaded by the food scene) but we can guarantee you’ve experienced at least one of the above.

Instagram food

Photo credits: London Foodguide

No matter how fantastic your product is in the flesh, it’s become evermore important to ensure that everything looks as beautiful (and exciting) on social media as it tastes in real life. Indeed ‘eating with your eyes’ has truly never been more impactful on a restaurant’s success and growth…


As the restaurant market cottons on to these social trends, a fair few ‘Instagrammable’ restaurants have popped up all over the country. Whilst these locations are getting a lot of traction on the ‘gram for their beautiful photo opportunities and visually inspiring dishes, it’s not always good press. Especially when things look visually amazing but leave a little less to be desired when actually tasted…

Finding the balance between food that has social content potential vs. food that actually tastes good isn’t an easy feat, but it’s 100% possible when you’re doing things right. Take NORD in Liverpool for example.

Liverpool food at NORD

Photo credits: NORD

Strong social marketing + visually impactful dishes + a heavy nod to fresh produce + stunning décor + genuinely amazing food = a recipe for success.

NORD have tackled the digital sphere from the get-go, jumping on trends and tapping into the ‘Instagrammable’ market before they even officially opened in March 2024. With so much hype created around their food before anyone took a first bite, they now find themselves at the top of Liverpool’s food scene with regular visits from influencers sharing their positive experiences online.

When it comes to impactful social campaigns and eye-catching content, Climat in Manchester is also very much at the top of their game. The concept behind the brand nestles itself between nostalgia and familiarity with a touch of fine dining charm – something captured perfectly throughout their social feeds.

Climat restaurant food in Liverpool

Photo credits: Climat


As always, social trends move extremely quickly and many hospitality venues are having to use these digital pillars to spark new menu ideas.

A recent piece by The Scotsman delves headfirst into a new wave of menu development, describing how many locations in Scotland (and beyond) now spend more time scrolling through TikTok hunting for food trends over researching in the real world.

From the rise of Salt Bae’s popularity to our infatuation with theatrical dining, your next menu needs to tick a lot more boxes than just providing a hearty plate of good food.

Parogon Group – boasting a number of restaurant locations across Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire – pride themselves on serving fantastic food to local people with great hospitality at the heart of everything they do.

Sunday Lunch at Parogon

Photo credits: Parogon Group

With social trends and the growing popularity of tasting menus in mind, one of the group’s most popular venues has recently launched an entirely new concept menu. The Orange Tree now offers a Sunday Tasting Menu, including everything we know and love about a classic roast with the twist of accessible fine dining.


As with anything in the marketing world, there’s a very fine line between selling out to trends and actually using them properly to benefit your brand. Here are just a few of our tips for using social media effectively to boost your restaurant’s brand awareness:

  1. Only tap into social trends that feel 100% relevant to you and your brand.
  2. Keep your audience engaged online and when visiting your venue through interactive campaigns that get them through your doors (and hopefully capturing content).
  3. Tap into wider trends (such as sustainability) to attract more digital footfall.

Need a hand tackling the ever-changing social media scene? We know more than a thing or two about creating a strong social media presence that puts the work in for you.

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