Why Strong Writing Skills Matter More Than Ever for PRs

Why Strong Writing Skills Matter More Than Ever for PRs

Why Strong Writing Skills Matter More Than Ever for PRs

In a day and age when we are consuming written content more than ever, as the social and digital media landscape continues to move at a frenetic pace, strong creative writing and analytical skills are absolutely critical in enabling businesses to stand out in a world that’s always ‘on’.


What do you do with a BA in English

What is my life going to be?

Four years of college and plenty of knowledge

Have earned me this useless degree.

 – Avenue Q (Broadway Show)


The above verse from hit Broadway musical, Avenue Q, outlined a flippant, widespread attitude about pursuing a degree in the humanities, specifically English. Gaining heat in the midst of the 2008 global financial crisis, the message of the song communicated society’s prevailing opinion: be practical, not creative!

However, the ability to understand the essence of a business, analyse the environment within which it operates and write accurate, compelling stories is the very backbone of PR and skills which are honed in most arts and humanities degrees. The written word is the most crucial tool we have in influencing and informing the press and public alike and it’s never been more important.

Whether its firing out a 280 character tweet, curating a well-considered pitch or writing website copy, the ability to effortlessly tailor the tone of voice depending on the format, recipient or audience is integral to the smooth-running of any PR business.

Since content and content marketing have become essential to the commercialisation of nearly all businesses due to the internet (and people’s waning attention spans), writers are crucial and in demand.  Words shape opinions and spark emotions and are a fundamental principle of the communications business – the better the copy, the more coverage, likes, follows, tweets, links and high search rankings the business will receive.

Here at LUYA, we’re always on the look-out for wordsmiths to join our team. If you have a portfolio of written work or experience in PR, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today: hello@luya.co.uk.


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