Webinar Hosting: The Next Best Marketing Tool


Webinar Hosting: The Next Best Marketing Tool

Throughout the course of the pandemic, the world relied heavily on the internet as our lives seemingly went online overnight and businesses had to quickly adapt to a predominantly digital sphere. We have seen a rise in many new and innovative digital marketing strategies over the past 18 months, but a particularly valuable marketing tool for brands has been webinar hosting.

These online seminars undoubtedly help to deliver messages across to a much wider, global audience and have provided a refreshing change within the B2B marketing scene as of late. Now, as the world begins to open back up, many businesses around the world are opting to stick to a remote approach to working and we predict that webinar hosting won’t be going anywhere soon.

LUYA have narrowed down some of the reasons why a webinar might be the next best marketing tool for your business…


Global Reach

The beauty of the internet is its access to a global audience. Through delivering a webinar, your brand can simply spread the word on a much more global scale, increasing overall engagement.

New Leads

Webinars can also help to capture new potential leads, allowing your brand to build more trustworthy relationships with consumers or clients. Promoting your webinar on social media or LinkedIn will target your current network and help secure a high attendance rate.

Increase Sales

If you aren’t already convinced, webinars can help to increase your businesses sales through promoting a new service or product. All whilst gaining a better understanding of your audience to generate much more accurate targeting in the future.


The content that comes out of a webinar is invaluable as it can be used in both the press and on social media. Collating additional coverage will help to extend the exposure of your webinar and provide further publicity for your brand.

Budget Friendly

Unlike in-person events, webinars are extremely cost efficient. Many web-hosting sites only require a small monthly fee to stream to a large audience. This is a far cry away from booking venue hire, refreshments and hiring any relevant equipment.


Webinars allow brands to get the message across in a much more interactive and engaging way. A Q&A with your audience is always a good option, but some hosting sites even include whiteboard features or allow you to create surveys and polls.


More and more brands are looking to utilise these online sessions and here are just some examples:

  • The UK’s leading stairparts manufacturers, Richard Burbidge, and hardwood flooring experts, Atkinson & Kirby, carried out their first webinar this month to discuss how Brexit and Covid-19 has affected the timber industry.


  • World-leading manufacturers of air and pump water systems, Wilo UK, have conducted webinars frequently throughout the pandemic to discuss burning questions on sustainability and water preservation.


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