Why universities need a great PR strategy now more than ever before

Why universities need a great PR strategy now more than ever before

Attracting the best and brightest students to higher education institutions (HEIs) requires an intensive and thorough marketing campaign at the best of times. But as universities and colleges navigate their way through the pandemic, it’s the institutions who actively embrace PR that will ultimately succeed in driving and maintaining recruitment levels.

Student satisfaction and the value of university

As HEI’s embrace blended and remote learning options, students are spending significantly less time in the classroom than in previous years. With 23% of students stating that they do not rate their quality of digital teaching and learning as ‘good’, ‘excellent’ or the ‘best imaginable’, the pressure is on for universities to prove their value.* To ensure student satisfaction, HEIs need to demonstrate that, despite a reduction in physical contact hours, students are still receiving an invaluable education from world-class academics.

Universities and HEIs can prove their value by publicly embracing their academics. From providing expert commentary in topical news stories to engaging in panel discussions, now is the time for faculty members to publicly represent their institutions and contribute global conversations.

Fast and effective communication

With government guidelines changing on a daily basis, it has never been more important for HEIs to have a fast, effective and streamlined communication strategy. Universities need to ensure that their news and policies are cohesive and consistent across all channels while adapting the delivery to ensure that messaging is platform relevant.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to relay information quickly, whereas emails, e-shots and web copy should be used to communicate the details of any news or policies that might impact students or faculty members. Developing a streamlined, medium-specific communications strategy will help HEIs to relay information effectively.

National and international reputation

According to a new British Council survey, UK universities will face a shortfall of at least £453 million in 2020/21 as a result of reduced international recruitment. With estimates that it could take 3 to 4 years for the UK university sector to recover, competition for oversees student recruitment has never been so great.*

To attract the shrinking pool of oversees students, HEIs need to focus on re-establishing their national and international reputation. By broadcasting the ground-breaking research findings that take place on campus, universities can demonstrate the invaluable impact that the institution has globally.


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