Top Cocktail Trends You Need to Know About

Top Cocktail Trends You Need to Know About

It’s no secret that everyone loves a cocktail… or three! Whether it be a simple, refreshing Aperol Spritz or a more adventurous Mai Tai. This year, things in the cocktail world have been shaken up (pun intended) and here are LUYA’s top cocktail trends you need to know about…


Bartenders have taken mocktails to the next level. With less of the typical fruit juice and grenadine mixers and more of the creative house-made syrups, tonics and non-alcoholic spirits, mocktails becoming more exciting than ever. Australasia is definitely proving this to be true, so why not pop in and give their alcohol-free drinks a try?

Coffee Inspired

Coffee and cocktails are two things that are taken very seriously in the beverage world (and the LUYA office) and mixing them together is a game changer. The standard Espresso Martini has always been a staple, but things are getting a little more “out there”. Sweet versions are making an entrance with additions such as salted caramel, tiramisu and salted coconut. If you love the classic Espresso Martini but want to satisfy those sweet cravings too, then head down to Sunset by Australasia and try their Tiramisu Espresso Martini – we promise you won’t regret it!

Frozen Cocktails

There is no better way to enjoy the warm weather than with a refreshing frozen beverage. From the classic frozen Margarita and Daiquiri to last year’s must-have, the Frosé (frozen Rosé) which was a summer essential. This year sees the rise of the Aperol Frosé, a combination of frozen Rosé and Aperol Spritz, two of the of the most popular drinks around and one that should be on everyone’s must-have cocktail list this year. For the perfect photo opportunity and delicious frozen cocktails, pop into Sunset by Australasia and try their Frozen Pornstar.

Out of the Ordinary Garnishes

We are all used to finding a lemon wedge, mint leaves and maybe the odd cinnamon stick in our cocktails but this year, things have taken a turn and rather than “less is more” it seems now that more is actually less. From fruit and sorbet-filled glasses to savoury spices and even sweets, garnish choices are becoming more unusual than ever. Why not try KALA’s Thyme for a Sbagliato or Grand Pacific’s new Lady Lamington cocktail which is topped with whipped cream – yes, whipped cream!

There’s no time like the present…