The Rise of Tik Tok: What Does it Mean for Marketing?

Tik Tok

The Rise of Tik Tok: What Does it Mean for Marketing?

It’s hard to believe that this time two years ago, many had not heard of the video-sharing application, Tik Tok. And if you still haven’t then well, where have you been?

As one of the three official sponsors for the Euros 2020 and following a celebrity-endorsed television ad, Tik Tok has taken over the social media sphere.

Whether you’ve been coerced into filming a ridiculous family group dance, found yourself scrolling for hours or been bombarded with friends sharing funny videos in a group chat – we have all joined the Tik Tok bandwagon one way or another. Gen Z or not, everyone seems to be well acquainted with the app following its rapid rise in popularity during global lockdown.

A No-brainer for Brands

Following its success, brands in particular had to quickly familiarise themselves with the app, turning to Tik Tok for Business to help elevate their marketing campaigns. But why? How does an application primarily intended for young people become such a pivotal part of a brand’s social presence? The answer is engagement.

According to figures in a recent article by The Drum, Tik Tok saw a ‘481% increase in engagement in 2020’. These numbers soar in comparison to the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, whose respective engagement were down against previous years. With over ‘100 million monthly users’, it is a no-brainer for brands to swiftly begin investing on the app.

Endless Opportunities

Whether you’re watching a makeup tutorial, a viral dance routine or the latest innovative recipe craze, Tik Tok offers countless opportunities for branded campaigns, advertising, and influencer collaborations. Due to this, the app has managed to branch out from its original target audience and extend it to all generations of users.

So, what does this mean for social media marketing moving forward? Recent reports have suggested that Instagram could be making some changes to the app that will make the user experience more centred around reels and IGTV’s. As platforms follow in Tik Toks footsteps, it seems as though video content is expected to be a huge element of digital advertising in the next few years.

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