LUYA’s Guide to Marketing during ‘Unprecedented’ Times

LUYA’s Guide to Marketing during ‘Unprecedented’ Times

This time last year, no one could have possibly foreseen the scale at which the pandemic would impact businesses, communities and families. While the world is still very much *not* normal, most companies have to maintain ‘business as usual’. Here’s our guide to marketing your brand during ‘unprecedented‘ times…

Be on top of the news

In a time when 5pm press conferences are a near daily occurrence; it is imperative that companies understand how changing regulations might impact their business and customers. With every new government guideline and regulation issued, you should be utilising your social media platforms and mailing lists to update your customers on how your business will respond. Whether you provide goods, services or experiences, it is important that you keep your customers up to date on any internal policy changes that might impact them. Be proactive and deliver this news in a timely fashion, don’t wait until customers start asking questions.

Follow consumer behaviour patterns

Consumer behaviour patterns have completely transformed over the past year. For example, with over 57% of Londoners now working at home, less than half of inner-city workers will be scrolling through social media on their commutes to and from work.* Understanding how your customer’s day has been altered is so important for achieving maximum reach. Utilise social media analytics to see when your audience is most active and post accordingly.

Conduct daily content reviews

With ever-changing guidelines and restrictions, the content you planned a month ago may no longer be appropriate (or even legal). Your campaign won’t be successful if it is no longer topical or relevant. To ensure you achieve your desired marketing outcomes, review every social media post, marketing email and advert before it goes live. This process may sound time-consuming, but it will save you hours of future retractions and explanations.

Listen to your customers

During times of uncertainty, one of the most important ways to maintain a loyal and active consumer-base is to understand your customers top concerns, questions and comments. Whether you have the budget to utilise social listening tools or you simply conduct manual reviews, you should ensure that all queries are fully addressed in your marketing campaigns. By answering key questions, you are showing your customers that you are listening to their concerns, which will in turn help to build consumer trust.


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