Life After Lockdown


Life After Lockdown

As we (slowly) creep out of lockdown, now is the time to begin planning for the normality on the horizon. People understandably are desperate to eat, drink, shop and experience and therefore businesses will see a resurgence in footfall, sales and traffic.

You may have spent that past year getting your house in order but now is the time to plan your relaunch into the new world.

By planning ahead and adapting your business to meet your customer’s needs post lockdown, you’ll not only be better positioned for growth and sales opportunities but also, you’ll have a great head start and marketing lead over your competitors.

Here’s The Lowdown on how to create an effective marketing plan for your business post lockdown…

New Opportunities

Whilst we’re all desperate to get out and about, don’t dismiss your virtual offers that have worked well. Consumer behaviour has changed indefinitely so if your online sales or digital events performed really well during lockdown, it’s not to say they should be scrapped now. Take the time to see how your new model would work and how you’ll market simultaneously to the two different audiences.

Remain Reactive

Whilst we’re hopeful that once we’re out of lockdown, we’re out for good, we’re also all aware that things can change overnight so remaining vigilant and sharing this with customers is key. Keep an eye on your social channels to ensure any scheduled content is still relevant and sensitive to what’s going on in the news. Topical posts always garner the best engagement, so it pays to have social media at top of your marketing agenda. Wider marketing messages also need to stay agile and closely listen to your customer’s needs as we navigate a post-lockdown world. Over the last 12 months we’ve seen that sticking to a plan doesn’t always work out so take this lesson and run with it for the rest of 2021.

Website Woes

There’s nothing more irritating to a potential customer when you click on a website and see the content is out of date. Ensure you have revised copy ready to go as soon as lockdown is lifted and keep it regularly updated. It also pays to ensure this content is a clear as can be and immediately captures your visitor’s attention. This is the time to review and refresh your site’s design and imagery so your business stands out from the crowd.

Content Creation

Not only will your business be back up and running once lockdown’s lifted, but it also means that you can get creating all important professional content once more. Take the time now to collate all your current content and identify gaps or what new concepts you’ll need shooting. Photographers and videographers are expected to see a surge in bookings in the coming weeks so ensure you get there first to showcase your business in the best possible light.


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