How brands are embracing hygge in a fast-paced world

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How brands are embracing hygge in a fast-paced world

Since the Nordic notion of ‘hygge’ has risen in popularity around the UK, it has been used to refer to many things, from interior design styles to ways of living. It’s become especially popular amongst homeware brands, interior designers and even restaurants and cafés.

The word ‘hygge’ directly translates to ‘cosiness’ and encompasses a feeling of warmth and safety that comes from simple activities such as lighting candles, baking and spending time at home. Whilst the term often refers to the cosy atmosphere in the home during the winter or Christmas time, the same principles can apply all year-round. This includes practicing slow-living, gratitude and keeping a minimalist space.

Whilst the more traditional principles of hygge seem to contradict modern society, which relies on technology for everything in day-to-day life, many brands are successfully incorporating hygge in their marketing. Calming colour palettes, minimalist imagery and a personalised brand voice are just some of the tools businesses are using to ride thee hygge wave.

Food & Drink

hygge NORD

NORD, Liverpool

Numerous Danish and Scandinavian restaurants and cafés are arising in the UK, such as Brød, a Danish bakery in Cardiff, NORSK Café in Buckinghamshire and the national chain, Ole & Steen.

Brands like Ole & Steen, an all-day bakery, use copywriting across their website, social media and newsletter to create a strong brand voice and story. They even have a dedicated section on their website just on hygge

Scandi-inspired restaurant concepts are also on the rise, with the likes of Aquavit amongst the top rated in London and the newly opened NORD in Liverpool featuring dishes inspired by Exec Chef, Daniel Heffy’s time working at Frantzén (3 Michelin Star) in Stockholm and Adam/Albin (1 Michelin Star).

However, it’s not just Scandinavian cuisine that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, but the interiors that make restaurants feel so welcoming. Hygge surrounds the idea of getting snug and this is exactly the sort of intimate, refined dining spaces that many restaurants like 26 Grains and Dalloway Terrace are creating. Especially throughout the winter, it’s not rare to see restaurants donning comfy textiles, warm lighting and even outdoor privates domes for the ultimate cosy setting.

Lifestyle & Interiors

Søstrene Grene

The popularity of slow-living has also allowed Scandinavian homeware companies, such as the Danish brand, Søstrene Grene, to thrive.

The chain of high street shops, dubbed as ‘mini IKEA’s’, offer an inviting atmosphere, with folk music and a labyrinth of beautifully quaint items, which instantly draw you in with the promise of something adorable to take home in a brown paper package. The brand is characterised by muted, natural colour palettes that provide a contemporary yet comforting feel to a space.

Scandi interior design schemes have also been proven to affect mood and productivity, especially in a world where many of us are still working from home. Whilst the effects of different colours, spaces, lighting and materials have also been proven to have positive impacts on general wellbeing.

All of these factors are incorporated within each stores concept to create a unique shopping experience. Likewise, the characters of Anna and Clara, the two Grene sisters, are referenced throughout all of Søstrene Grene’s marketing and social media.  This reinforces the homely, personal feeling of hygge that is at the core of the brand’s values.

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