How Estate Agents Can Drive Enquires in a Crisis

How Estate Agents Can Drive Enquires in a Crisis

As the housing market reopens, people are looking to their estate agents to guide them through these unusual times. It’s the agents who adjust their communications strategy and offer invaluable advice throughout that will stand out from the rest.


 The volume of mortgage searches for the week ending May 17th, was up 27% on the previous week and up 43% the previous four weeks*.

Recent evidence from an international PropTech expert** suggests that once restrictions are lifted in the hardest hit markets (those with stringent lockdown measures), new listings rebound quickly giving more hope for the UK market.


  • Recent research that showed that 86% of consumers feel better about brands’ commitment to products and services when they continue communicating in tough times. As a result, the brands who continued to educate and inform were at the forefront of customers minds when the time came to make decisions.


  • As the market restarts, you need to communicate what you’re doing to help your customers in a succinct and reassuring way. Creating a revised communications plan is now more important than ever.


  • What are you doing that sets you apart from competitors? What Covid-19 procedures have you put in place? Let your customers know that you’re leading the way.



  • Social media is one of the best ways to communicate your offer to an engaged audience but regular posting with succinct messaging is key. As well as organic posts, consider targeted advertising to boost your posts’ engagement and reach a wider audience.


  • Have a healthy email database? Use it! We come across so many businesses that have a wealth of data that is going unused. Messaging across e-shots needs to be concise and on-brand to be effective.



  • Embrace tech. If your website is a little lacklustre, now is the time to give it some TLC (it is now your shop front after all). And it’s not just the basic design you should give some thought to; why not upgrade your capabilities? Virtual viewings are now a necessity so make sure your website is optimised for video uploads.


  • PPC (Pay Per Click) is an advertising model that lets you place ads on an ad platform and pay the host of that platform every time the ad is clicked, e.g Google. It’s a sure-fire way to unify all your other marketing with a call to action, converting warm leads. If you’re after measurable and trackable results, PPC’s your platform.


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*According to mortgage technology firm, Twenty7Tec’s, daily market snapshot service.

** Mike Delprete

There’s no time like the present…