How are hotels adapting as co-working spaces?


How are hotels adapting as co-working spaces?

There was once a time when remote working and flexible workspaces were primarily linked to freelancers and digital nomads, but over the past two years, employers have felt a need to offer more flexibility for their staff.

With more than 8 in 10 workers planning to continue with hybrid working, and some leaving the office behind for good, people are looking for new ways to work, and hotels might just be the way forward.

Many hotels have already transformed their lobbies and small unused areas into great meeting spaces, creating stylish environments for collaborative working but not only that, they offer excellent on-site facilities you traditionally wouldn’t find in an office.

The Hoxton in Southwark, London offers a lounge, café, outdoor terrace, and wellness studio where guests can break up the day with a lunch time stretch, whilst The Queens Hotel in Leeds is home to Cafè Pacific, an all-day social hub offering coffees, drinks and snacks making it the perfect destination for dining, co-working and relaxing.

The Standard in King’s Cross has launched a meetings and events space, The Standard Townhouse, which includes integrated tech and projectors, catering for those who need to deliver presentations or meet up with clients. These hotels have transformed their venues to spaces businesses can use and rent without the long-term commitment to an office or building and ultimately, both parties benefit from this. Businesses can become as flexible as they need, whilst hotels are revolutionising their revenue with the amenities they offer.

What makes these spaces even more appealing to businesses is their connectivity and round-the-clock access. With reliable internet and WIFI, employers can keep the cost of paying for internet down and allow employees to continue with video calls. Remote working gives employees the chance to work where they want, when they want so that hotels can cater for different people’s lifestyles unlike the traditional office. The Rosewood in London take things a step further with their family concierge who act as a tutor for the day, looking after children whilst work gets done. They even offer admin help with a butler service that helps with printing, scanning and even coffee runs.

There’s no doubt that hotel working will continue to grow. With the cost of living increasing and energy prices soaring, freelancers and businesses will look to hotels that are transforming to co-working spaces as a place to reside in rather than work from home.

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