Food Photography 101

Food Photography 101

Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see endless food photos of the most immaculate eggs benedict, artfully assembled smoothie bowls and brunch plates befitting glossy food mags. However, when your plate arrives, it doesn’t matter how many photo bursts, boomerangs or chairs you stand on to get that shot – it just doesn’t come out the same. So, how do our fellow Instagrammers get that airy, clean image that radiates an effortless Sunday vibe all from a plate of avocado on toast?

Here are LUYA’s top tips to help you capture that perfect photo that will make even the best food bloggers scrolling thumbs pause in awe…

  1. Light

A good photo always starts with the best light. The prime time to get that perfect photograph is likely to be in the morning, so get that breakfast bowl of fruit filled granola or smashed avocado on toast ready. If you are heading out for lunch, don’t be afraid to book a table next to a window or dine al fresco on the patio to source that natural light for the perfect bright and airy photograph.

  1. Angle

Angles are so important when it comes to getting that perfect shot and when in doubt, shoot from above. Shooting food overhead has become very popular, and for a good reason. There’s something so satisfying about seeing a wide shot of your food and it allows you to add a little bit of context too. For example, a hand reaching out adds charm and a sense of place. So, remember, embrace the flat lay.

  1. Staging

Often, the bustling restaurant can be just as beautiful as your plate so it can be worth thinking about how you can incorporate this as a background to your shot. A great way to do this is by asking a friend to hold the plate and lifting it slightly off the table. This will allow you to include the atmosphere of that acclaimed restaurant you’ve been on the waiting list for.

However, there’s no need to overdo it in the staging department so don’t worry too much if you’re impatiently waiting to get started on your delicious dish. Instagram statistics show that Instagram’s most popular shots are the ones that look like someone has just stepped away from the picture. So, don’t worry about carefully curating the aesthetic, those chopsticks and napkins next to your stir-fry could add a lot of worth to your next foody post. There’s nothing wrong with capturing the magical moment!

  1. Touch Ups

It’s easy for everyone to overdo the editing on a selfie, but photographing food requires you to exercise some restraint and approach the editing process differently. Adjusting the contrast and saturation of colours can really brighten your photos but it’s best to keep this to a minimum. Overdoing it can leave your pictures appearing unnatural and it’s best to emphasise that freshness!

As long as you take in to account the best light, the right surfaces, and the perfect angle, you are guaranteed that drool-worthy photograph for your followers to feast their eyes on. Practice these tips and you’ll be devouring your plate in no time with a memento you can savour and share safely stored in your camera roll. Good luck and happy snapping!





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