Gig or catwalk: how has TikTok influenced concert fashion?

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Gig or catwalk: how has TikTok influenced concert fashion?

A quick search of ‘Harry Styles – Love on Tour outfits’ on TikTok will provide you with an influx of concert fashion ideas from dedicated (mostly Gen Z!) fans.

This is just one example of how the video sharing platform has astronomically changed the way music-lovers’ approach concert attire. Often inspired by the artists stage presence or costumes, fans have now led the way in replicating these styles, showing that the look is just as important as the music.

No tickets needed

In a recent article by Nylon, they discussed the growing interest in viral concert videos on TikTok, with all tastes in music appearing on people’s For You Pages for various different reasons. From Rosalia to The 1975, even if you aren’t a die-hard fan, the algorithm has probably ensured you’ve seen some coverage from their gigs, whether it be from trending sounds or hashtags.

Likewise, unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the huge demand for tickets for Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ and the fashion spectacular itself that is Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance World Tour’. Evidently, social media is allowing us to have more immersive viewing of these sold-out tours, all because of user-generated content.



It is this content that has also encouraged fans to share, plan and even make their own outfits from scratch in preparation for their next concert based on the artists aesthetic. Whether it’s to feel part of a wider community or to simply look and feel great whilst dancing to your favourite singer or band. It’s now a part of the experience of attending a specific artists’ concert to spend hours planning an outfit that is just as show-stopping as the ones on stage.

But how are people deciding what to wear and who’s setting the terms?

For YOU page

TikTok and its users’ ability to share real-time videos have taken concert-style and made this into a leading social, viral trend. Now, whether you’re purchasing a feather boa for Harry or making your own DIY sequin disco ball, cowboy hat for Beyonce – TikTok has some inspo for that!

Leading publications are now also sharing their own advice on concert outfit planning and where you can find the best looks. Online retailers such as Nasty Gal or ASOS, who previously would lean into

‘festival outfits’ or ‘Coachella-inspired looks’, are now targeting more specific, trend-led shopping round-ups ahead of popular, upcoming concerts. Even concert vendors themselves have caught on!

What started as thousands of videos sharing inspiration for concert fashion ideas, now has an effect on a multitude of commodities. However, artists must embrace this after all, as this is huge, free promotion for their music and future ticket sales. All of which shows the true power that social media and user-generated content can have on music artists, brands and businesses alike.

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