Coffee Snob 101

Dark Woods Coffee

Coffee Snob 101

After a stint learning the barista ropes down under, my coffee snob alter ego was formed. It wasn’t until I came back to my beloved grey skied homeland back in 2012 that I realised how spoilt I had been and how behind the UK was in the coffee stakes. No longer could I look forward to a consistently sized flat white, a perfectly blended latte, an abundance of milk options and an ideal cappuccino foam ratio. The unfortunate thing is that once you’ve been educated on the science and the art of coffee, you can’t unlearn.

I’m not fussy about the aesthetic, I mean I do love a coffee flatlay as much as the next millennial, but overall latte art is not a must for me – it’s the taste that matters. My main coffee shop pet peeve is when I’ve just paid for my coffee and then I hear the milk screaming not steaming!

But not all is lost, the UK coffee scene is speedily catching up (much to the dismay of my bank balance.)

A few of my favourite coffee spots for a guaranteed good coffee in the North West are; Bold Street CoffeeJaunty Goatand The Birds Nest.

Whenever I go on a city break or pop somewhere new, I do my research beforehand. To ensure a fail-safe brew I always refer to the Independent Coffee Guide.

For more great places to try for food and drink check out LUYA’s Chester Foodie Guide.

Here at LUYA we’re pretty big fans of a decent office brew and after a lot of taste testing, we’ve opted for Dark Woods Coffee which has nutty cocoa-tinged flavours and can be found in Liberty, London. In fact, we love it so much we sent some out to all of our clients this Christmas with a mini cafetiere.

Dark Woods Coffee

Photo credit: Nathan Dumlao.



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