At LUYA we are constantly looking for opportunities to support your business goals outside of traditional media relations.


Working our copywriting magic, we can ensure your brand produces the right content, in the right format, at the right time. We have an acute understanding of how to support every step of your customer journey with meaningful, creative storytelling and visual content that gets your business ‘out there’.  These include: Newsletters/ eNewsletters/ eShots/ Media Buying/ Campaigns/ Design/ Content Marketing/ Blogs & Vlogs/ Advertising



Creating a campaign that ensures all marketing elements are working together to support each other can be the difference between a good campaign and a great one. We use knowledge, experience and excellent sales skills to ensure that you not only get the biggest bang for your buck, but that you also see visible results. From eShots and newsletters to media relations, media buying, blog writing and social media, we ensure that everything is timely and coordinated.



Advertising has become a key part of the overall strategy. Booking the right adverts in the right places can not only offer you some of the best exposure, it can also give leverage to secure additional editorial content in many of the publications. Whether its consumer or trade, in print or online, tube and train poster campaigns or buses and radio, we work with a broad range of media in order to get the best possible campaign and price for you. From a one-off booking to a full media campaign, we can recommend the most effective strategy for your business, working to budgets, maximising exposure and obtaining measurable results.



Working with our in house design team, we can create an engaging newsletter that is sure to be a coffee table favourite. We never want to ‘spam’ your database so we ensure that we are utilising data in the best way by giving your audience information that they really want to read. From perfecting your brand’s tone and using topical content to sourcing the best imagery and creating attention-grabbing headlines, if you’re taking the time and spending the money, we want to make sure that your newsletter is doing its job for you.



With the easy availability of photoshop and Adobe packages, everyone fancies themselves as a bit of a designer, but in the way that everyone thinks they can make a good cocktail… Whether you can or you can’t, some things are best left to the professionals. Our designers and extensive database of web developers and coders means that whatever your design requirements, we can get the job done well. An in-house design team means that many jobs can be turned around quickly and effectively from; adverts, eShots, newsletters and leaflets to banners, menus, POS, GIFs and social media posts.

Content Marketing


Content marketing is basically about creating topical content for your target audience that doesn’t make them feel that they are being marketed to. For example, keeping your website fresh and informative not only helps highlight your authority and expertise, it is also great for SEO. Content marketing should always be a part of the process, whether it’s creating topical content for your social media or blogs on your website that open the consumers eyes to industry activities or news. The same goes for feature articles, press releases and even the copy content on your website. We like to make sure that everything that we put ‘out there’ is interesting, topical and newsworthy, otherwise what’s the point?!

Blogs & Vlogs


The blog as we know it isn’t going anywhere. Not only can it provide interesting and topical content for your website and in turn, customers and possible customers, a blog filled with interesting stuff is also great for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helping Google to put the feelers out in the direction of your website, driving traffic to your site. Topics can be anything from company news to a key story about what is going on in your industry. Where possible, we will link up with other businesses too to maximise exposure, whether it’s in the form of a guest blog or just a mention.


The same goes for vlogs, video content posts that can be used throughout your website and social media channels, offering advice, tips, snippets and much more. All this helps to build authority, champion causes and make your businesses one of the louder voices of the industry.


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