Digital Communication

It’s no longer a matter of ‘when’ to embrace Digital Communications, but ‘how’. Today, Digital Communications are integral to any Marketing strategy, regardless of what industry you are in.


At LUYA, we specialise in creating expertly curated digital content that is routinely updated, monitored and optimised to generate a buzz and engage your target audience. These include: Social Media Content Creation/ Social Media Management/ Social Media Strategy Creation/ Social Graphic Design / Website Design & Development/Blogs/Search Engine Optimised Content (SEO)

Social Media Management


If it’s not on Instagram did it even happen? This is a quote that you will often hear batted about the LUYA office. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, keeping all of these platforms up to date on a daily or even weekly basis can not only be time consuming but also filling them all with interesting and topical content can be a thankless task. With a client base that means we reach over 1 million people a week, we know our way around and understand what works. From the daily management to content suggestion, we manage and monitor the social media content for the majority of clients, giving a full breakdown of the month’s activities with what’s worked, what people are talking about and how you can get the most out of the social media channels that you are on.

Social Media Monitoring and Engagement


These days it’s not enough to simply post regularly, you also have to be engaging with your audiences. As such, we can ensure that all platforms are monitored on a daily basis, responding to questions, liking posts, re-posting good content and generally building relationships with your followers.

Social Media Reporting


As well as being very good at generating on-brand and interesting content for social, we know that this is useless if it isn’t backed up with solid analysis. We subscribe to some of the best social tools available to ensure we create strategic campaigns and effectively review on a daily basis.

Social Media Graphics


With attention spans dwindling, it’s all about the visual. Our in-house design team are experts in creating exciting social graphics that engage the audience before they get distracted. They know what works, what doesn’t and they’re constantly exploring new ways for your brand to get noticed on the social feeds.

Website Design and Development


You can no longer afford to have a mediocre website. Technology is moving at a rate of knots. People want instant access and they want it now. If your website is slow, uninviting and impossible to obtain decent information on, then you will lose any traffic within a millisecond… yes that’s right, not even a second. Added to this the fact that Google has started penalising sites (i.e. moving you further down the Google pages) that aren’t able to adapt well and be seen on mobile phones, if you’re thinking that your site needs a refresh then now is the time to be doing it. We work with talented individuals that will make your site work best for you, look good and generally make you feel like you’re leading the way in your sector.



We’re all aware of the number of times that we press delete on uninteresting newsletters that pop into our inbox, so at LUYA, we go out of our way to ensure that just one look at your eNewsletter will leave people wanting more. Our team and in-house designers make sure that we get the most interesting and imaginative content from you, with calls to action and links to more info and then create a design that will make sure delete doesn’t get pressed… unless they’ve read it of course, which they will and then we don’t mind so much.



eShots have become an integral part of the overall marketing strategy. Whether they are being used to highlight products and services, offers and discounts or activities and events, they can be adapted through great imagery and copy to grab the attention of the people that matter. Ensuring that this activity forms part of our overall strategy, these elements can support activity throughout the year and using an online mail delivery service, we can track their success, measuring who has opened them, whether they have clicked through further and even how many times they’ve had a look.

Search Engine Optimisation


Search engine optimisation or SEO is the art of enhancing the effectiveness or ‘optimising’ your content to ensure people can find your website and ultimately your business with ease.


As a full service agency, our PR approach concentrates on maximum brand exposure and awareness, we always ensure that we leverage optimum results from opportunities by considering the SEO impact, coverage statistics or the benefit of securing photo rights or image use for future marketing collateral.

Digital Advertising


We run many digital advertising campaigns alongside print activity that we are doing. Whether its small budget PPC or home page takeovers for consumer or industry publication websites, we make sure that we use the best, most engaging design, with well thought out messages at the best possible price. Whether it’s one off campaigns or long term strategy, we will work with you and the advertisers to ensure that we maximise exposure for your business.


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