Why failing to target over 65s effectively is a massive missed opportunity.

Why failing to target over 65s effectively is a massive missed opportunity.

Why failing to target over 65s effectively is a massive missed opportunity.

Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan and Christie Brinkley…just a few famous over 65 faces.

Smart, stylish, active, and attractive may be some of the words to describe them, but why is it when it comes to advertising to everyday over 65s they are type cast into cardigan wearing, greying grandparents?

62% Of adults over 50 believe they are ignored because advertisers are too young to understand the 50+ demographic and almost half said this would in turn lead them to actively avoid these brands.

Brands are continuing to irritate a huge portion of the UK population (23 million people to be precise) by squeezing them into one tiny stereotype and not treating them as the diverse people with their own lives, hobbies and interests, that they are. People aged over 75 buy five times as many cars as those aged 18-24 yet when do you ever see a 75 year old featured in an a car ad?

Over 65s have a higher disposable income and some greatest spending power, meaning they are more likely to splash out on luxury items such as skincare, fashion, holidays and cars.

Incorrectly stereotyping over 65s is not only a huge missed opportunity for advertisers, but also a waste of money and possibly relationship damaging to some of their biggest consumers.

Our client, Inspired Villages, is a group of later living communities for over 65s designed for people to make the most of their retirement. The luxurious villages are complete with health spas, hair salons, stylish brasseries with seasonal wine menus, and plenty of incredible events, including; ‘101 Ways to Enjoy Getting Older’ with Gloria Hunniford and Parkfest music festival.

Many residents are the healthiest and happiest they’ve been for years, with some jetting abroad regularly and even purchasing sports cars to make the most of their new lease of life, the diverse range of residents is a testament to over 65s targeting done right.

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